I often travel alone alone abroad but I have not lost my ticket yet.


Oh, there is no airline ticket.

Oh, there is no airline ticket. What should I do. About once every two or three years, I hurried in front of the boarding gate. Looking for the inside pocket of the suit, looking at the wallet, it should not be put in trouble if it breaks, but I will refresh the pants' bottom pocket for just in case, but I can not find it. I can not afford to think about how this is like this, that we can not find out what was issued earlier. First I go to the bathroom trying to calm down. I washed my hands after I put out what to put out and raised my face there. In the mirror in front of you is a cool old man in the old days. The ticket in his chest pocket was peeping at her face. During the check-in procedure, the metal detector rang and remained in the chest pocket when you took a body check. Um, the arcade type metal detector like the old SF teleportation device is totally sinful and I feel nervous what I do when I always ring as I go through it. It's like a horror movie. Even if zombies come out when not expecting at all, they are surprised only by ""wow"", but when it comes to thinking whether it will go out as to how it will go out, it will be ""Wowaw!"" Metal detectors are the same. That sound makes the head blank. It is easy to forget the action immediately after becoming blank. As a result, I always forget that while keeping my tickets in my chest pocket. However, there is another big pressure in the big business of getting on an airplane. How to securely obtain and carry air tickets. Previously, travel agencies etc had their tickets issued in return for cash, taking care until traveling. Since it turns when it is put in a wallet, it was kept in a sentence box at home etc, but this became the source of uneasiness. Perhaps what would you do if you forgot to bring your ticket on the day of your trip. Anxiety continues till the day, when you leave the house, review the airline ticket over and over again. I am distracted by reviewing and forgetting another thing. But when I arrive at the airport and check in and change my ticket to a boarding pass I do not feel like I will not lose my boarding pass this time. Now it is possible to obtain electronic air tickets by reserving credit cards on the Internet, paying cards, and checking credit cards at the airport's automatic check-in machine. Of course, depending on the person, it may be called reservation by telephone rather than the Internet, or issuance with a card of an airline company. With that, there is no worry that you will leave your ticket at home. However, because you can not issue automatic tickets after forgotten your card, you will now be asked to check your credit card several times before you leave the house ... ... Depending on the flight course, air tickets are expensive and expensive shopping. If you forget this or lose it, you will have to feel tense if you worry that you must pay the higher money once again. However, if you frequently look up the website of an airline company, it turns out that even if you forget or lose your ticket, you can purchase and board an ""alternative ticket"" once. As we can get refunds for alternative parts at a later date, the original ticket fee will not be wasted. However, if you lose it, a separate fee is required. I did not know that it was such a mechanism at all. By the way, even at some railroad companies, if the lost ticket comes out later, if you purchase the ticket again and get ""re-certification certificate"", money may come back later. Although not to not lose is the best way, if you act calmly even if you lose your airline tickets, it's okay. However, you will have to be careful about actions when traveling. Because it is highly likely that you will drop money and credit cards if you are not well organized enough to lose your ticket.