Advanced Filtering

Improving User Experience through Filtering

The open Internet has content for pretty much everything. With that said, it doesn't mean that all content should be available to anyone at anytime. Many organizations look to protect users from inappropriate content with content filtering. Common examples include:

Parental Controls for children

Filtering to ensure a safe work environment within an organization

Regulatory compliance for specific governments 

Leveraging DNS to perform Content Filtering

Due to its universal involvement in communication flows, DNS is the ideal solution for Content Filtering. DNS deals with every request to access the open Internet. Thunder DNS cross checks every query against our backend database with custom filter settings. Queries to blacklisted domains are blocked during the short time that DNS is processing the query.


Not only does DNS understand the destination domain and IP address, but it also knows the requestor's IP address. This knowledge allows DNS to offer granular control of the Internet, ensuring that the correct filters are applied to the specific users or networks.   

Granular Filter Controls

Content Filtering is only as powerful and accurate as the backend database information on each domain. Our solution incorporates data from multiple sources and millions of domains to provide a detailed snapshot of each domain. We analyze all of this data to provide filtering capabilities by category, intended audience rating, country of origin, and regulatory compliance. 

Filtering by category is a commonly used within organizations to prevent distractions in the workplace. Thunder DNS categorizes domains with over 100 different categories including sports, social media, explicit content, etc. The audience rating is designed to provide some control over the type of content allowed over the network. Our filtering settings for audience ratings are "Safe for Kids", "Safe for Teens", "Safe for Work", and "Open".  Our "Filter by Country" setting allows for quick filtering of IPs allocated to specific countries, and our regulatory compliance allows for enforcement of local compliance.

Advantages of Content Filtering

Below are some of the advantages of using Thunder DNS for content filtering:

1. Provides content filtering on any network

2. Allows for a custom user experience 

3. Centralized protection against offensive content

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