Primary colors are Thunder Blue, Grey, and White. Blue, Grey and White usage should dominant secondary colors. 

Thunder Blue

RGB: R0 G158 B216

Web: #009ED8

Thunder Grey

RGB: R70 G71 B71

Web: #464747

Lightest Blue

RGB: R161 G220 B242

Web: #A1DCF2

Lightest Grey

RGB: R227 G227 B227

Web: #E3E3E3

Light Blue

RGB: R114 G198 B229

Web: #72C6E5

Light Grey

RGB: R116 G117 B117

Web: #747575

Dark Blue

RGB: R0 G105 B144

Web: #006990

Dark Grey

RGB: R84 G84 B84

Web: #545454

Darkest Blue

RGB: R0 G52 B72

Web: #003448

Darkest Grey

RGB: R24 G25 B25

Web: #181919

Secondary colors are Green and Orange. Use them to accent and support the primary color palette. 

Thunder Green

RGB: R121 G175 B19

Web: #79AF13

Lightest Green

RGB: R204 G228 B160

Web: #CCE4A0

Light Green

RGB: R170 G202 B112

Web: #AACA70

Dark Green

RGB: R80 G117 B12

Web: #50750C

Darkest Green

RGB: R48 G58 B6

Web: #283A06

Thunder Orange

RGB: R247 G154 B14

Web: #F79A0E

Lightest Orange

RGB: R252 G220 B173


Light Orange

RGB: R249 G202 B132

Web: #F9CA84

Dark Orange

RGB: R164 G102 B9

Web: #A46609

Darkest Orange

RGB: R82 G51 B4

Web: #523304

Thunder Red

RGB: R175 G30 B45

Web: #AF1E2D

Lightest Red

RGB: R246 G203 B207

Web: #F6CBCF

Light Red

RGB: R228 G99 B112

Web: #E46370

Dark Red

RGB: R87 G15 B22

Web: #570F16

Darkest Red

RGB: R54 G6 B8

Web: #360608


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