Network Visibility

Understanding Network Interactions

Understanding network traffic is becoming increasingly important due the explosion of everything "going digital." Thunder DNS leverages DNS statistics, allowing decision makers to identify trends, plan for the future, and perform root cause analysis. 

Decision makers don't just need statistics; they need actionable information, organized to help them understand and improve their network. The information needs to quickly scale to provide a high level network overview.  Also, it should be able to track details of every IP address and query that runs on the network. 

Using DNS as a Source for Analytics

DNS is uniquely positioned on the network and provides the following advantages as a data source:

DNS already has access to all the data used to navigating the Internet

Unlike other technologies, DNS is not impacted by the increased use of encryption

DNS is highly efficient and easily scales to handle millions of queries daily

DNS on the cloud can be used on support devices on any network

The domain name system is a powerful source of network information. All communications with the outside world are sent to the DNS to quickly navigate the Internet. Information obtained for each query includes:

Client IP Address

Destination IP Address

Destination Domain

Domain Category

Domain Rating

Transaction ID


Thunder DNS tracks all queries over time and uses this information to provide network managers with an overall view of the health and utilization of the network.

Providing Network Visibility

Thunder DNS automatically creates weekly and monthly networking reports in an effort to provide decision makers with actionable data. These reports summarize the traffic for every DNS query on the network. Information provided on this report includes: network usage (top clients, domains, categories), network security (blocked queries, prevented malware, etc), and content filtering (blocked categories, IPs, etc).

Benefits of Thunder DNS Network Analytics

Below are some of the reasons to choose Thunder DNS over other network analytic solutions:

1. Automated Weekly and Monthly reporting

2. Granular content of every query

3. DNS is Efficient/Scalable 

4. Effective, even on encrypted traffic

5. Works via the cloud on any network for mobile devices

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