Software Defined Video

Save Money. Secure Cameras. Simplify Deployments.

SD-VideoThe Smart Choice.

Multi-Site Resource Sharing

Save thousands on upfront costs and simplify deployments by using a Gateway device instead of traditional NVR hardware at each remote location.

Our Gateway automatically creates a private virtual network over the Internet that allows multiple remote sites to securely send video feeds to the corporate HQ or to the private/public cloud. 


Open Platform & Future Proof

Monitoring Room

Prevent vendor lock-in. SD-Video technology is vendor agnostic and is natively compatible with IP based cameras, NVRs, and VMSs.

Hardware based solutions are out-dated within a matter of months. Our modular, software defined approach enables easy integration of facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and new evolving technologies.

End to End Security

Our SD-Video technology is embedded with several layers of defense to protect against cyber threats.

Micro Segmentation: Isolate video traffic to a separate logical network, preventing hackers from accessing the corporate network even if a device is compromised.

Enterprise Encryption Algorithms: AES-256 encryption is used by Thunder, the US government, and security professionals worldwide to protect their data.

Stateful Firewall: Automatic IoT firewall rules are implemented to protect against IP attacks. Our stateful firewall is intelligent and can distinguish legitimate traffic for different connection types.

IDS/IPS & More:  Additional layers of protection include our customized detection and prevention systems. They are designed to protect video surveillance cameras and infrastructure from attacks.

Remote Monitoring

Save. Secure. Simplify.


Enabling Next Generation Video.

Use Gateway to Provide Reliable Connectivity, Multi-Layered Security, and Deployment Agility for Video Surveillance 

 Gateway SD-Video Features 

  • Automatic Encrypted Tunneling to create a virtual WAN overlay

  • Integrated Cyber Security

  • High Reliability Load Balancing & Failover

  • Multi-WAN Connectivity: Ethernet, Fiber, LTE, or Wi-Fi

  • Centralized Cloud Management

Ecosystem Partners

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